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European limousine


Le prenotazioni si intendono con accettazione immediata. Alla conferma della prenotazione il cliente o Viaggiatore riceve l'avviso per la stampa dell'informativa di conferma viaggioe una mail riepilogativa con i dati del vettore che deve essere presentata al personale di bordo al momento dell'inizio transfer. Nella scelta del viaggio da prenotare, in base alle opzioni fornite nel momento in cui si effettua la prenotazione, ? responsabilit? del cliente tenere conto dei tempi necessari richiesti dalle varie compagnie aeree per le attivit? di imbarco, dei possibili imprevisti durante il viaggio che possono ritardare l'arrivo in aeroporto, dei possibili ritardi dei voli e del tempo necessario al ritiro dei bagagli.
Reservations can not be accepted by the carrier in some specific cases:

  • Special and / or occasional events.
  • Lack of available cars.
In this case the carrier is responsible for refunding the customer the full amount paid.

Data required for reservation

The customer making the reservation must release its personal data, an e-mail address, a telephone number and, for reservations services to / from ports and airports, also references of the flight or ship. It is strongly recommended to enter a valid mobile telephone number and active, especially in the 24 hours prior to the trip and on the day of the pick-up to allow for any emergency communications by the driver.

Presentation to departure

Customers are required to appear at the starting point shown in the informative confirmation at least 10 minutes before the scheduled time, unless it is specifically requested an earlier time during high season. In high season, the schedule will be agreed by telephone in case the time reserved at? the moment of the booking is not manageable. The only exception is in the case of delay of flights for which the driver is expected to wait up to 1 hour. For any delays longer than an hour the driver? has the possibility to? wait for you , you will be required on site an extra charge for waiting.
The booking confirmation sent by the Operator is to be considered valid service contract for the transport and entitles him to travel to the economic conditions in the guidance notes. Disclosures travel confirmation is reported to the emergency number (phone number) to contact the operator in case of delays.

Bags and luggage

Customers must simply carry a luggage no more than that indicated by the booking system.
Note bulky luggage can not be loaded onto any means so you must communicate with the carrier (Contact the carrier present in the e-mail confirmation of transfer) and to agree before the trip the presence of the same.
For example: snowboards, wheelchairs, strollers, bicycles, skis, parcels and bulky parcels. They can be loaded only by prior arrangement with the carrier.
NOTE: If customers do not respect these conditions the crew may refuse to carry out the transport service and the service will still be paid in full.

No baggage will be allowed if they contain flammable liquids, liquids in general.
For the transport of luggage is not provided any insurance policy covering partial or total breakage of the objects contained by the same therefore you are advised? not to carry valuables unless you have? an adequate individual insurance policy.
The Operator does not carry luggage without the traveler.

Children must travel according to the rules of the Code of existing road: the Traveller must indicate in your reservation if you need a child car seat and / or a booster car seat suitable for carrying children. In the event that the Traveler has not requested the seat, the operator can deny transporting the baby (no show).

It is forbidden to carry in the car:

  • dangerous objects (flammable, acidic, toxic, radioactive)
  • weapons, items to cut and puncture (only with closed protective housing including luggage)
  • objects that arouse repellent to others
  • objects that endanger the physical safety of travelers
  • objects that can damage or soil the vehicle
  • objects that with the shape or the size are not suitable to be transported by car.
Objects and lost luggage

In case of lost baggage or personal effects, you should immediately notify the Operator at the address listed in the email "travel confirmation information".
In case of discovery of baggage or lost property will be the responsibility of the passenger to go and pick up at the Support Office which will be communicated.
If we sent by courier the shipping charges will be paid by the customer.

Smoke ? Consumption of drinks and food

No smoking in vehicles and it is also forbidden to consume drinks or food of any kind.

Operator's liability and the customer

The operator takes care to always carry their passengers, taking account of the minimum inconvenience that may? occur, and the travel destination, always respecting the time specified in the informative travel confirmation. The Operator declines all responsibility for those events for which he may have no control. Here is a list by way of examples of this type of events:

  • unforeseen delays due to traffic;
  • accidents that cause the road blockages or damage to the vehicle;
  • adverse weather conditions;
  • problems caused by other customers;
  • vehicle retained by the police or local authorities;
  • accidental mechanical problems of the vehicle;

The passenger is liable to compensate all damages and failures they cause to vehicles or objects used to perform the service.
If the customer provides a wrong address and / or date and / or time of the meeting, the Operator has the right to charge the full amount of the service.

Obligations of the traveler

The traveler must be in suitable conditions for the trip. The Operator may refuse to carry drunk people, drugged or that may endanger the personal safety and vehicle.
He cannot transport a traveler who has an infectious disease.
In the event that the traveler? dirties or damage the car, he/she will request an appropriate amount to the damage caused.

Changing the type of car requested

For reasons due to unexpected breakdowns, in the case of vehicle request and service confirmation, the car might be replaced, upon notification by the local operator, with a minivan, keeping the price unchanged as service confirmation.
Please note that the car used for any transfer could also be light colored or different from the traditional.

Extra cost

They are considered extra costs of foreign highways, including tunnels, ferries, fees for city centers, and the stands.

Stops during travel

Stops pragmatic reason are provided in maximum 20 minutes every three hours (additional voluntary stops are possible but are intended for a fee)

Complaints and request

All claims must be submitted to the Operator providing the service at the telephone number on "travel confirmation information" within 7 days from the date of travel.

Acceptance of travel conditions

When a customer makes an online reservation, he accepts these conditions of travel.

Cancellation travel booked

It is possible to cancel a trip booked within 48 hours (2 days) before the arrival time of reservation without charge.


They do not charge for cancellations made at any date except for 2 days prior to departure.
The penalties are not applied .In the case of exceeding the two days prior to departure, in this form:
?the charge of 50% of the fee if the customer has informed the cancellation at least 24 hours before departure of the booked service.
100% charged fee if the customer does not respect the conditions ABOVE or introduces himself or presents with Bags and Luggage in greater numbers than reported at the time of booking, at luggage as reported on this page to following item

Supplements: Included

1 hour waiting time in case of a flight / ship / train delays

Supplements: Excluded

For more than a one hour if the driver will have the possibility to further wait will be required on site an extra charge for waiting.

Meeting point

The Operator after receiving your booking we will contact you to check the details of the trip. In the airport the driver usually waits for you with a sign bearing your name while at the hotel the driver is directed to the front desk and asks them to call you.


1 - Total trip paid by prepayment by bank transfer or credit card or prepaid credit card example. Postepay
2 - Total payment of the journey in? cash on board (in this case the data of the credit card as a guarantee) will be required

Travel information confirmation

The travel confirmation that is given? has all the information of the reservation and the operator who transports, including emergency numbers and email to contact the operator.

Drivers clothing

The clothing of the drivers will correspond to the uniform of the company.


The Contracting Parties shall endeavor to solve problems peacefully, if they can not submit to the competent court according to the place of service.
Since the services provided by the Operator have departure or destination in Italy, the total responsibility always belongs to the country tribunal Operator and subject.

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